4 Fraxel Treatments on Old Scars (Dark Complexion) - No Improvement - Maryland

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I guess i dont really know what to say but i guess...

i guess i dont really know what to say but i guess my results could be better i have a small chicken pox scar and a small piercing scar and already have had 4 fraxel treatments i dont see any improvement like the other patients so i just keep going back, i really want my scars to just vanish.

my doctor claims everyone heals different, but does this mean that its just not working for me? or for me to just continue the treatment until it does?

im confused about what to do although i know this is the only option i have for scars,i thought maybe because i was darker complexed it would take longer or not work at all, i really want a clear enough answer because i really want my skin to look good again and to have more confidence too.

people have had scars way deeper than what i have and since like 3 treatments you cant even tell. i did have a modeling career going for me for a while, but they say my skin has to be flawless so im not sure im going to continue it, but despite my skin i take really good pictures so they never said anything about that but ever since i heard them say that to me it been painful and it just make me want to continue the treatment for as long as i can.

i know im not going to see results over night but if theres any other advice you can give me that would be great too.

hi im rebecca and i have an old chicken pox scar and a piercing scar which are both not that deep but however ive already had 4 fraxel treatments on each one and i still cant really see any improvement i thought maybe because im a dark complexed person its not going to do much but i really dont know, most people ive read on have only had about 3 treaments and look great i just despretly need to know should i just continue the treaments or just for get about it?

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the scar wasnt deep enough to be stitched up.

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