Amazing Results from Fraxel I Am Renewed

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Ok I had this nagging pattern of looking at the...

Ok I had this nagging pattern of looking at the clumps of scars on my cheeks.
I seemed to obsess way to much.

the odd thing is the tissue seemed to change all the time sometimes it was opened up and dehydrated and ugly and other times seemed closed and clean. yet there were always the clumps.

any way I decided to do something, i went for fraxel and had 4 paid 1 free, over 9 months.

The first several treatments were not deep and produced some odd effects like molting for months. I saw this as the tissue underneath that was destroyed by cysts as "bubbling out" as stem cells rebuikt from inside out, this produced a lifting of scar to surface and filling of collagen making every scr less deep.

Further treatments were deeper and more pronounced effect, I got a mild pain reliever given orally by the doctor as the laser is quite hot. which helped.

The doctor is a wonderful caring man and we have become friends throughout this. He is not all business as matter of fact he has great healing and comforting skills. I highly recommend him personally as he negotiated with me and gives best information straightforward.

I at the beginning was reluctant as I had prior lasers and months of peels and nothing worked yet i needed to handle this pattern and obsession.

Dr, Jae K, Hong MD - Queens Medi Spa

I feel my Doctor as it has been my experience is an outstanding medical doctor, he is currently in China on a mercy mission, he is Korean and speaks Fluent English has calm demeanor and very good business man as well gifted healer with the tools of light and suture.

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