Post Fraxel Restore Results for Ice Pick Scars / Pigmentation

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I just had my Fraxel Restore done 2 days ago and...

I just had my Fraxel Restore done 2 days ago and right now my face is filled with brown patches/spots and feels like rough gritty sand paper when I touch it. I was instructed to use a gentle cleanser twice a day along with Squalane afterwards (Should I use any other moisturizer along with Squalane?) My skin is really dry after a cleanse.

Pros: None yet - Still recovering from the swelling, redness and hyperpigmentation

Cons: Dry, brown skin / Excessive downtime

Reason for Fraxel: Ice pick scars / Reduce Pigmentation

My main question is, are the dark brown patches hyperpigmentation (I'm Asian)? If so, are they permanent? The reason for the Fraxel in the first place was to get rid of ice pick scars and pigmentation and now it seems my whole face is segmented into brown patches all over. This is my first Fraxel Restore laser treatment and I have 2 more to go with approx. 1 months break in between for rest periods. Should I worry?
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