Post-Fraxel Restore Healing for Acne Scars & Skin Texture - Los Angeles, CA

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I did the treatment to diminish acne scars and...

I did the treatment to diminish acne scars and improve the texture of my skin. It didn't hurt and I didn't swell, but I seem to be having some issues with the healing process.

I had a Fraxel Restore treatment on July 2 of this year. As expected I broke out, but not expected, I remain pink with small points of whitehead acne and small cystic bumps that others on the site have described. I was told to use clindamycin in a sulfate base twice a day, which I've been doing for a week and has cut down the acne by about half. The red spots from the breakouts, however, still remain, along with a pinkness of the skin. My skin is now also quite dry around the mouth from the clindamycin.

I have fair skin with freckles (which are brown, not orange, and did not diminish at all). Here are the settings they used:
Energy: 40
Level: 7
Passes: 8
Estimated K: 4.4
Actual K 4.58
Treatment tip: 15 MM

Originally when I went back last week they told me I looked great, that my skin was neither pink nor breaking out and that everyone else was happy within three weeks. This, obviously gave me cause for concern, but I have seen here that other people are having similar problems. So, my questions are: how should I be treating the bumps and acne? How long is this to last? Is the remaining pink mask normal? And if so, how long should I reasonably expect it to last? Also, I don't know if I'm imagining things, but my pores actually seem to be larger. Is this possible?

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I have not healed as "most people" apparently do, and was treated brusquely when seeking assisstance. They actually insinuated that what I was experiencing was unrelated to the treatment.

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