Great for Acne Scars NOT for Vitiligo!!

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I don't know how to answer questions here maybe...

I don't know how to answer questions here maybe because I'm not a dr? and see that some people have been asking and are getting wrong info from Drs. on here.

I've researched vitiligo for years because specialists are rare. I have Vitiligo and have used Fraxel for acne scars, I KNOW it is NOT used for Vitiligo. In my circumstance it retriggered vitiligo that I thought I already got rid of. DO NOT waste your money if a Dr. suggests that it will help vitiligo. There are treatments such as the XTRAC laser that are medical treatment devices which cost much less and your insurance covers it!

I loved the Fraxel, my new smooth skin, and the dr. but I do not appreciate Drs. who convince and test out on us vitiligo patients just because they get paid for it. Our condition can be very deforming and a hassle to fix.

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