Fraxel Really Worked for Me for Dark Spots on Face Caused by Pregnancy

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I have received two Fraxel treatments in the past...

I have received two Fraxel treatments in the past year and a half and am up for my third this December (after my second treatment last December, my doctor told me I only needed to do a follow up treatment in a year). I had a lot of dark spots in my face, a result from my pregnancy and years of using birth control pills combined with a propensity to get dark spots... I am young, but the dark spots made me look years older and I was not happy at all. I had tried pulsed light treatments and they worked for a while but then the spots would return twice as dark and large..... I had nearly given up until my dermatologist told me about Fraxel.

My first treatment went really well, I felt no pain and the swelling and redness was minimal (I went to lunch with my family the next day and people commented I looked like I had quite a sunburn). The improvements to my skin were pretty amazing. Most dark spots were gone and I was left only with some minimal old scars.

Four months later I got another treatment. This time, the pain was quite considerable, and I spent the following 3 days looking like a monster, swollen, red, etc. The day following the procedure, I pretty much spent in bed, feeling a bit lousy. However, the results were truly amazing.

As of right now, a year later, I have virtually no dark spots, no acne scars, and the size of the pores has reduced considerably. I honestly look much better now (and much younger) than I did 5 years ago.

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My dermatologist has a lot of experience with cosmetic procedures, and he has been the only medical professional (I consulted many) who actually recommended something that worked in my case...

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