45 Yr Old Who Wants Firmer Skin - Orlando, FL

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I was going in for a small mole removal near the...

I was going in for a small mole removal near the cheek fold. I decided to do some rejuvination while I was in. I am 45, have some sun damage, not many wrinkles, more like some folds on forehead and around lips. My skin is getting thinner and starting to sag.

I spent an hour in the cream and then maybe 15 minutes under the laser. It was so painful my whole body shook the whole time, but I told her to do what she had to do. You can smell your skin burning, they put on a vac to remove smoke. The pain was an 8 for me, having a baby being 10.

I did it Thursday at 4pm and it is MAJOR down time. My face is still swollen bad 48 hrs later and I have a monstrous grid pattern on my face and whole face is a dark red circle of skin to my neck. It is rough like sandpaper. It hurts like a bad sunburn.

The docs should give you pain meds AND a valium or anti-anxiety meds. They should also describe better all the outcomes post op.

Results I have to add later. I wont ever do it again unless they improve greatly on the pain meds or the proceedure changes to no pain.

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