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I had my IPL treatment performed today. I am very...

I had my IPL treatment performed today. I am very happy so far.

The pain during treatment was minimal, but I have a high pain threshold. My doctor was very concerned about any pain I was experiencing and asked me several times during the procedure what level of pain I was experiencing. It felt like a mild sunburn; but as the day went on it went away. I also used an aloe gel that I keep in the refrigerator on the areas that were treated. I can already see results, the dark freckles that appear after treatment are already "falling off". I had my arms, chest and hands done (that is the reason for the price). I have 3 more treatments left (all are included in the price) and I am excited about the final result.

I have lived in Florida and spent most of my life on the beach. Also I am a nail technician and have worked in the Salon Industry for many years. Tanning beds are very popular here and I have spent many many hours "baking" in them. I own a Salon at present and recently removed my tanning bed from the Salon. I am 47 years old and I am sorry for the damage I have done to my skin. I have had many "spots" of Basil Cell Carcinoma removed by a Dermatologist. A tan is nice, but it just isn't worth it. Use a self tanning lotion if you want a tan. Today I use sunblock every day over my entire body and stay out of the sun as much as possible. All though this is my first treatment I can tell this will return my skin to a more youthful look and am really looking forward to my follow up treatments.

Make sure you really "check out" the doctor performing your treatment. I used a Plastic Surgeon who is well known in my area and has performed "Non-Ablative Laser" on a scar I had on my cheek due to another doctor's bad laser treatment. He also did a great job removing a mole, fixing a scar from a breast biopsy and a "slit" in my ear where my earring broke through the skin. I can wear earrings again.

My experience, so far, has been extremely positive.

Leesburg Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is very professional. He is not a "sales man" and very attentive to your personal needs. He has been very truthful about what he can and can't do and what a particular treatment will accomplish. He is straight forward and has told me on occasion that certain procedures, for me, just aren't necessary. Maybe in the future, but not now. I respect his honesty and the fact that he not "out for the money". Thanks Doc! I've seen friends of mines breast augmentations also, and they look GREAT!

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