Fat Injection Lower Eyelids for Midface Suspension

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I had a midface suspension and UPPER...

I had a midface suspension and UPPER blepharoplasty 16 months ago.

My mid-face suspension was fine but the continued under eye fat injections were unnecessary and ruined it for me. My lower eyelids were fine and were not supposed to even be part of the face lift. My lower eyelids were fine, I had no bags. My doctor kept injecting fat into my lower eyelids ONLY (2.5cc, 3cc, 1.5cc over 6 months saying he was injecting it under my eyes to help my mid-face.

I did not have hollow eyes and my mid-face was fine after the surgery but I had these huge, huge bags under my eyes and had to undergo a lower blepharoplasty which I never needed before.

Dr Esser Yuksel, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr wrecked my face with fat injections to lower eyelids. I have 5 procedures, 2 of them surgery to my lower eyelids in 15 months. My lower eyelids were fine and weren't even supposed to be part of the facelift

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