Puffiness and Swelling to the Nose After Having Metal Plates Put into Cheeks of the Face.

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I am 15 years old, turn 16 on friday. I was...

I am 15 years old, turn 16 on friday. I was involved in a serious car accident in april 2009. I broke my cheek bones, broken jaw, broken nose, shattered eye socket and crushed back. I had facial surgery where i had metal plates put into my cheeks. Had lots of things put into my mouth to keep my jaw into place. Its been 3 months now since my surgery but the swelling and puffiness will not go down from my nose.

This is really affecting my life. I have tried lots of different things to get rid of the puffiness and swelling but nothing seems to work. I look into the mirror everyday and everyday i feel like the mirror is telling me something different. Can you please help me. I dont go out i stay in doors all day everyday. I havent been able to go to school and i am scared of going to college in september because of my nose.

Please help me get rid of puffiness and swelling to my nose.

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I know i had to have facial surgery but my nose will not go back to normal cannot get rid of the puffiness and swelling.

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