Lifestyle Lift Disappointment - Wanted to Give Myself a "Lift"

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Am about to retire from public education. Have...

Am about to retire from public education. Have been part-time in entertainment for several years. Wanted to give myself a "lift."

The procedure was scary -- I was awake and being reprimanded for making "noises" during it. After I had the wrap removed (5 days) I began leaking saliva from behind the left ear from an opening, an actual visible opening behind my ear. It happened mostly when I ate, but for several weeks it was constant. I ate with a towel wrapped around my neck and put tissues or cotton balls behind my ears when not eating(changing every 20-30 minutes) at other times. This wonderful experience lasted 5 weeks. It was God-awful. I could not eat in public, and dreaded going out. The doctor had absolutely no idea how long it would take for this opening to close. He told me he'd had two other experiences like this. One took a week and one took 4 weeks. Well, mine took 5 weeks and it was God-awful.

I have a flabby flap under the left portion of my chin, and my left side is more swollen, and flabby. Of course at the 8 week post-op picture taking session he offered to "fix it" but I told him he would never touch me again. If I were a plastic surgeon, I definitely would NOT admit to being the surgeon on those post-op pictures. There are still swinkles and jowl lines, which were supposed to be lifted/removed. Enough said.

Yes, I definitely DO look better than I looked before, but I definitely did NOT get the desired look I was promised or I wanted.

Dr. Catalfumo

He is all sugar an spice pre-op, but during surgery he's not very nice and he doesn't do what's he's promised to do. Oh, he'd be happy to "fix it" but .. no thanks. I'm done.

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