Tired Hooded Eyelid

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At first, I feel very tired on my right eyelid...

At first, I feel very tired on my right eyelid when I blink, it is mainly due to my eyebrow muscles being pulled up when I try to blink my eyes, that means they are working at an opposite direction, with frequent blinking, I really felt extremely tired eyestrain on my right eyelid. I have a slight ptotsis at that time too, it's been almost 2 years till now.

At the first surgery, a senior experienced Aesthetic Eyeplastic surgeoon helps me to tighten the Levator Muscles but a few months later, the result is still the same. Then I have no choice but to go for a 2nd surgery, this time it was performed by a senior Oculoplastics surgeon. She removes some of my eyelid skin and muscles.

Now it is over 6 months, the result was that my eye looks bigger than the other one and the crease was hidden back by the upper eyelid skin. I think the surgeon removed or lifted too much skin on my eyelid platform but she claimed that she did not. After 2 surgeries, my eyelid are still so tired that whenever I blink, I can felt that the muscles in the eyelid and eyebrow moving up.

I really don't know what to do now, is there any doctor who can give me good advice on what to do now and what happen to my eyelid? I would really appreciate that. Thank you.
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