Shouldn't Have Had Surgery when Botox Was Doing the Job.

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I was tired of getting botox every 6 months so I...

I was tired of getting botox every 6 months so I decided to finally seek out a good eye surgeon. I had an upper bleph, ptosis repair and a browlift. The ptosis repair was to lift the eyelid so more of my iris would show and I wouldn't look so sleepy. The upper bleph was supposed to get rid of the hooding, and the browlift was supposed to keep the bleph from pulling down the eyelids on the sides, keeping an almond shape, and smoothing out the vertical lines in the center just above the brows.

I never anticipated nor was told of the side effects of those three surgeries. The ptosis repair made my eyes extremely sensitive to light. I can't even keep my eyes open indoors if the room is bright. The muscle in my eye at times hurts. The hooding is starting to sag again after only 8 months. My eyes look worse than they did before the surgery when they are closed because the lids are now bumpy, puffy and saggy. The skin at the inside corner has more folds. The scars on the outside corner have created indentations that I have tried to have filled with Juvederm, which was very painful when injected, lumpy and another $750. This was my second unsuccessful browlift. My surgeon said my skin is very thick and oily.

Ten years ago I had a facelift and I didn't get a very good result with that. I still had jowl lines and now I have a very visible scar and numbness still. Bottom line is I'm not a good candidate for surgery. I'll probably be getting Botox again soon. Sometimes it makes me look freaky when I smile, but it definitely is an improvement. I figured if I didn't have the surgery, I could have used that money for nine years' worth of Botox. By that time, I would be 73 and maybe wouldn't care so much about getting old.

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He said my eyes were dry and that's why they were sensitive but another doctor tested my eyes and said they were not try. He said I could have my eyelids lasered but didn't offer to do it. I believe the cut was sloppy and caused the unsmoothness. He didn't take "after" pictures which means to me he wasn't satisfied with the result either.

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