Know What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

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*Treatment results may vary

Pros: Helps eliminate "tired" look;...

Pros: Helps eliminate "tired" look; relatively easy procedure to recover from. Many experience a recovery time longer than the two weeks your PS will likely tell you to expect; looking acceptable in public and being completely healed are two different things, and many doctors don't distinguish for the patient. Cons: Might not eliminate *all* the excess skin around the eyes you might imagine; a combo of surgeries might be necessary to get the look you want. Do your research and find a PS that communicates well with you.

I had revision eyelid surgery six months ago. One eyelid healed well; the other "pouches" over the incision line when closed and is noticeably larger when open. Scar tissue has also formed near the inner corner. Does this sound like something that will resolve with time, and should I ask my PS for a small steroid shot to reduce the scar tissue? If so, when?

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