Lower Eye Lid Surgery/ Not Happy with Results

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I feel that my doctor took a very...

I feel that my doctor took a very "conservative" approach to my surgery. As a result, I do not see much of a difference at all. Im not saying that he screwed my eyes up. Im saying that I paid 3000k for pretty much nothing. I hated my eyes before, I hate my eyes now.

Im a 30 year old male and I had lower eye lid surgery 2 weeks ago. I must say that Im not happy with the results at all. I barely see a difference and I felt that if I would have known before hand that these would be the results, I would have never gotten the procedure done. My friends, family, and co-workers all say that they dont really notice much of a difference.How do I go about letting my Doctor know Im not happy without disrespecting him? What are my options because I feel I got robbed

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get pictures before hand of the results of the doctors previous procedures. Dont just have them show you general pictures they didnt perform.

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