Blepharoplasty Done 4 Wks Ago for Excess Skin and Fat Removal

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Upper and lower blepharoplasty done 4 weeks ago...

upper and lower blepharoplasty done 4 weeks ago for excess skin and fat removal. scar may be causing a problem. eye does'nt close causing dry eye and double vision.

One of my eyes scar seems to be holding it slightly opened when I blink and sleep. I had steroid injections in the scars a few days ago. I have excess skin that folds over the scar even when my eyelid is closed. my lower lid on the same eye has a dimple from the scar and it sems it is keeping it from lifting properly. What is causing this to happen and will it ever be able to close?

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My Dr. kept telling me to have patience and it was...

My Dr. kept telling me to have patience and it was good advice. My eyes have turned out great for the surgery I had done. However I had Botox done to lift my lids a couple of months prior to my surgery by a different dr. when I went in to consult about my surgery the Doc felt I didn't need a brow lift. Within a few months it was evedant to me and him that I should have waited until after the Botox had worn off for surgery. I do regret not having a lift done at the same time. Would I do the surgery over again. Absolutely!
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