Eye Bag Stitches and Bruising After 5 Weeks

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I actually realise now that i didnt need my eyes...

I actually realise now that i didnt need my eyes done and was told by my friends that there was nothing wrong but i had an obsession with them.

I had a lower eyebag removal 5 weeks ago and the bags actually now look more prominent but higher up. they were not that bad and the surgeon said it would be a conservative op. The right eye still looks bruised and dark underneath and the skin at the corner has a pleat going downwards which is very obvious.

When will this bruised look go and can anything be done about the pleat? The left eye corner is red but underneath there is no swelling. The stitches are still sticking out and red. When will these stitches dissolve?

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Not enough consultation, seems in and out as quick as possible

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