Bags Remain After Blepharoplasty

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I always looked tired even when I wasn't because...

I always looked tired even when I wasn't because of bags under my eyes and heavy upper eyelids.

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty on both eyes this past March. The procedure itself was quick, relatively painless, and I did not have to have general anesthesia. I was sent home with Vicodin for pain, and only had to take one, which was late on the day of surgery.

For about the first week I had quite a lot of swelling around the eye orbits, and substantial bruising. By the 3rd week, the swelling was almost gone.

Unfortunately, I still have bruising, especially under the right eye, and I still have bags, only they are lower than the original ones were, so I didn't gain anything in that area. My upper eyelids look much better, just wish the lower ones did, too. I have to go in for a follow up in October, and at that time I will decide what course of treatment to take at that time.

Should I still have bruising after 3 months, and why do I still have bags under my eyes, just lower than the original ones? I had this procedure to get rid of the bags, and the ones I have now are worse than the original. I still look tired.

Dr. Blumer at LifeStyle Lift

My undereye bags are just in a different place now, they are worse, and now I have bruising under there, also.

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