Botox Brow Lift - Adverse Reaction on Eyes/temples

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Had lid surgery 2 years ago and thought upper lids...

Had lid surgery 2 years ago and thought upper lids were still too heavy. Doc disagreed and said it would be a brow lift to have the desired result. Suggested botox to see how it would look in an effort to raise the upper lids.

I received botox injections above the eye/temple area. Six (6) days later, my right eye (ENTIRE EYE) is lower on my face, is smaller than the other, has a pupil 3x's the size of the other and I look completely deformed. It is now 5 days since this has happened and there is no change.

PLEASE, PLEASE tell me there is something I can do to even slightly decrease the horror that is now in the mirror. Of course I am to leave in 3 days for my much-needed vacation.
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