Extreme Redness After Radiesse Treatment

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I had Radiesse on my marionette lines about 12...

I had Radiesse on my marionette lines about 12 weeks ago. I was very bruised and it was very painful. Within a week of the injection it started to look like I had had nothing done at all. I went to see the doctor and she injected me with more Radiesse. This time I did not bruise as badly but my entire chin became very red. Not just the injection sites but my entire chin.

Then about four weeks after that the doctor lasered the chin area. There was absolutely no difference at all in the amount of redness in the chin area. During the entire 12 weeks,I have been using the prescription cream Biafine. It has not made any difference at all.

After all these weeks I am still very red. I would not even consider getting any more Radiesse even though it does need more. Did this doctor put in more Radiesse too soon after the initial injection? This doctor is a Board Certified Dermatologist.

What can be done about the redness? Did the doctor inject me to soon after the first procedure?
Olympia Dermatologic Surgeon

Did not explain anything in advance of procedure. I was extremely rushed, was not given an opportunity to ask questions. Never mentioned I might need more injections and should follow up in a few weeks.

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