Evolence Nightmare - Filler Around Eye Area

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I wish I had read these comments prior to using...

I wish I had read these comments prior to using Evolence. I had been using Botox prior and tried filler (not Evolence) in my mouth area.

Early July I went to my DR. and asked about filler in the eye area. She suggested Evolence and stated it was a just approved to be used in the States but had been around in Europe with great results for ever, and I can get a $50.00 refund. Sounded good. We talked about the pain, side effects (none) and swelling prior to injections.

The pain was intense, the swelling/brusing lasted 2-3 weeks I looked like a monster. After, I was left with horrible lumps under my eyes. Two large lumps (size of tic tacs) under my left eye and muliple smaller lumps (tapioca pudding) all under and spread out under my right eye. You can feel the lumps with your finger tips! I went back and the Dr. injected (more pain) saline into the lumps and tried to push them out (more pain) two more weeks of red swollen brusied eyes.

Now, 2 months later my Dr. wants to inject other filler into my eye area to hid the lumps. I am afraid to do anymore...Will this help or make me look worse. Will the new filler work/mold/intergrate with the Evolence!!!! HELP!!!

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I trusted my Doctor prior to this, I asked about pain, side effects and bruising I was told no side effects...mild pain (she said eye areas do not hurt)an slight bruising for 5 days. Bull! The pain was horrible I almost passed out, the swelling, redness and brusing lasted two weeks and everyone commented on how bad I looked. I wish my Dr. would have been more forth coming.

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