I Would Never Use This Product Again

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First let me start by saying there are no pros in...

First let me start by saying there are no pros in my case. I asked the RN that performed the injections which would be best, juvederm or evolence and she said she was on the fence, but that evolence was easier to mold.

I had the area above the lips done for those smoker lines or lines that occurred from always using straws. I ended up with not only lumps but white areas where the lumps are, which apparently is the color of the product showing through. So I am unable to cover the area with make-up I have had saline injected to try to break up the lumps, microdermabrasion in that area with a complete block and then the RN appling so much pressure to try to break the lumps up that I am amazed I was not black and blue the next day. 

The third attempt was the derm she works for injecting cortizone into the lumps, and none of these have worked! I was not informed of side effects or asked to sign anything stating there were any, bottom line is I trusted her, huge mistake. At this point I am going to file legal action. I would never use this product again and have heard these lumps can last over a year.

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She did not properly inform me or obviosly know what she was doing using this product.

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