Invisalign Braces - England

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After reading about some peoples experiences. I...

After reading about some peoples experiences. I thought I would offer some advice that I found worked for me. Hope it helps.

I have been wearing upper and lower Invisalign braces for 6 months now. To reduce mouth irritation/ulcers caused by braces and buttons, I rinse my mouth with Corsodyl daily mouth wash. For me it completely removed the ulcers after a week. I still use it to prevent any returning. Also I found, you can rinse morning and night as normal, but sometimes when you want a fresh mouth feeling during the day, you can rinse with it without having to take your braces out!

To keep the braces clean, I only ever use my normal medium firm tooth brush along with normal whitening toothpaste. After I have taken my braces out, I put a blob of toothpaste into both braces, run my toothbrush under cold water then start brushes the inside and outside of my braces. Then I brush my own teeth. Last of all I rinse my braces throughly under cold running water before putting them back in.

At one stage I had terrible toothache. I took Panadol Advance as stated on the instructions and it dulled the pain. After 3 days I was pain free again. I think it was my mouth just getting used to everything.

To keep my teeth white, I have continued to put my whitening gel provided by my dentist into my braces. The dentist said it would not ruin the braces that the orthodonist had had made for me. My dentist was right, the braces are in good condition and my teeth are a good shade of white.

I wanted braces to achieve nice straight teeth, and I still have a way to go yet. Any obstacle I encounter, I believe I can overcome. Luckly my orthodontist explained everything in detail including possible problems that may arise. So I was prepared to expect a few things. I luck forward to how they will look in the end.

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