Effect of Inactivity After OP on Liposuction Results

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Hi, about 9 weeks ago I had liposuction done on my...

Hi, about 9 weeks ago I had liposuction done on my hips, bottom and inner thighs. I am overall pleased with the results but I have a few concerns regarding the final results.

I'm currently inactive at my desk for about 12 hours a day nor am I able to do any excercise atm. I'm concerned that this inactivity will affect the final results of my liposuction, because my doctor always emphasised the importance of sport for the best possible results.

Will it take longer to fully recover because of inactivity? Will the risk of getting cellulite be higher? Also, I'm noticing that a measure of discomfort is starting to return to the areas that were operated on. Is this normal?

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I always felt that my doctor was in a rush. Each appointment I had prior to and after the OP I would have a list of questions prepared but I would never get through them because he seemed to be in a rush and always ended the discussion abruptly before I was done. Furthermore I am not 100% satisfied with the result.

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