Dysport is Excellent for Between Eyebrows

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I had dysport injected between my eyebrows and...

I had dysport injected between my eyebrows and right above each one(in a "V" shape). This was the first time I've had it and it's been one month ago.

The injections were quick, painless and left no marks. I experienced no side effects and resumed normal activities immediately. I am very pleased with it! I don't look angry anymore! The effects were visible within 24-48 hrs for me.

I will definitely have it injected again when it wears off (I was told it would last up to 4 months). It's expensive, but worth it for me!

This is the second time I've gotten a dysport...

This is the second time I've gotten a dysport injection between my eyebrows and once again I'm very happy!  The first time I went to a med-spa and an RN injected it; this time my dermatologist injected it in her office.  As with the first time, I experienced no side effects and the redness at the injection sites disappeared after 15 minutes (the doctor gave me ice to hold over the area right before and right after the injections). 

I saw the onset within 48 hrs. of the injections and then the muscles completely relaxed within 72 hrs. after the injection (the area above my left eyebrow relaxed sooner than the area above my right eyebrow. But after 72 hrs. from the injections, they are both smooth and relaxed.)

My first dypsort injection lasted about 4 months.

I will definitely continue to use dysport for my eyebrows!

Denver Dermatologic Surgeon

I recommend my dermatologist for this injection.

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