Did I Lose Weight??? Nah, Just Got a Fantastic Facelift!

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AsI got older, my jowls were getting deeper and my...

AsI got older, my jowls were getting deeper and my chins were multiplying at an alarming rate.

I started researching facelifts in earnest. Price was a concern but results trumped price. I am located 15-minutes from Beverly Hills with easy access to 91210 doctors. I narrowed my search to a renown Beverly Hills doctor and one highly recommended by another doctor. Consultations with both were excellent, but I was still not comfortable with scheduling a procedure until I met with Dr. H. His experience, expertise, and personal approach were the deciding factor in scheduling my procedure. "Twighlight" anesthetice was used, which for me was easier to tolerate and was a faster recovery.

The results are better than I ever anticipated. No pain pills were needed; the most challenging was waiting for the swelling and bruising to disappear, which took less than 3 weeks.

The reaction has been mind blowing... most people who haven't seen me for a while think I've lost weight. Strangers are shocked when I say I've had a facelift... my results are VERY natural. On a recent trip abroad, the Customs agent looked at our passports and asked who was the Mother and who was the daughter (my daughter was 28 at the time).

The aftercare I receive is excellent. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. H. Check out his credentials, experience and results. Seriously, you'll love Dr. H.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Board certified, credentials, his vast experience and my results are are why I highly recommend my Dr.

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