Second Breast Surgery to Enlarge and Fix Visible Indentation Between Actual Breast Tissue and Implant

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I felt comfortable with my doctor prior to the...

I felt comfortable with my doctor prior to the surgery. Felt he had good experience and a creative eye. Since my surgery I have been quite worried about the difference in the size of the breasts. The doctor had explained to us that he put much more liquid in the right breast and that is the breast that has looked much larger. We tried to not worry about that because the left breast (the one that was looking smaller) had not dropped to the level of the right. Just this week it finally dropped. Now we are certain that the left breast is a bit smaller.

Our much bigger concerned arose this last week with the arrival of the issue stated above.

My girlfriend has a second breast surgery to enlarge and fix visible indentation between actual breast tissue and implant. After 4 1/2 months, both breast have dropped and while one breast is slightly larger than the other, our bigger concern is a noticeable (what i would call) bump, the length of the scar. It almost looks like the edge of the implant on the bottom of the breast is causing an exaggerated bump on both sides of the scar line. It is still a separation between breast implant and actual breast tissue. Have you ever seen or heard about this and what are your suggestions on our next step?

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Think he is smart and willing to listen

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