Help with a Bad Surgery Result - Complete Face/forehead/neck Lift

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I had a complete face/forehead/neck lift. I got a...

I had a complete face/forehead/neck lift. I got a large hematoma on my forehead that after seeking treatment for that and the doctor tried to drain it has left me with 2 very large open sores for over three weeks now that are still bleeding and want heal proper.

I have seen a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon and nothing has been done to help me except a oitnment that is not working. i am so terrified now of having hugh scars on my forehead. please tell me if there is anything I can be doing to help myself. Also at the same time I had the TCA 35% peel around my mouth and it now has scars and it's still very red and it's been almost 8 weeks.

I need to know what I can do or what treatment to seek. I went out of the country to have this done and no doctor in the USA I have been to really acts as if they want to help me. please don't be one of them.

Don't leave the USA for any type of surgery. I did it because my sister passed away and she had paid for the procdures to be done for herself and her husband gave the trip to me fully paid. $7,100


Updated Dec 5, 2009

I got a large hemotoma after the forehead lift and also gauze was left in my head. Had to get a US surgeon to remove it. Blessed that i didn't die. I want to know where to go to post this information so no one else will go to him. If you know please contact me. Also the TCA 35 peel he did was 3 times to deep and I have scars and lost color around my mouth nnow. It has been 3 months now and I just got the gauze out this week. Didn't know it was there. Now I am concerened there may be more left. I want to post this to help others.

please help me if yu can? i pray you will give me some advise or where to go for help. I live in Charlotte NC
Ronald A. Pino

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