Complications After Rhinoplasty

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I had some breathing issues but mainly I wanted to...

I had some breathing issues but mainly I wanted to refine my nose's appearance.

The procudure itself asn't painful but I did encounter more pain when they were squeezing my nose to stop the bleeding after the packing was removed.

I had surgery on Sunday Oct. 18th. On Mon, they attempted to remove the packing. The left side was fine. The right side started pouring blood. My BP dropped, I was shaking uncontrolably, my heart rate went up & I needed oxygen. It took a couple hours to stop. First they tried squeezing my nose under the cast - which hurt like crazy - then the finally repacked it very tightly. That packing came out yesterday (Wed) without incident but now one nostril is much more swollen than the other. Will this cause my nose to heal crookedly?
Morrow Institute

My Dr is excellent. I just don't know at this point, given the complications, if I would go through it again for such subtle changes that probably only I will recognize.

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