Oral-nasal Fistula

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I had a bone graft about a year ago to improve and...

I had a bone graft about a year ago to improve and stimulate bone growth/density in my upper jaw due to bone defiency associated with cleft lip and palate. Only some of the bone was stimulated enough to be considered useful for orthodonic treatment but another bone graft may be needed in the future.

I was born with cleft lip and palate and I had a bone graft done about a year ago. I've always had a small fistula between my palate where the cleft is located and the nasal opening. But after this past bone graft, the fistula became larger. After meals, food particles regurgitate into oral-nasal fistula and into the nostrils. How do I should I clean my nostrils after meals? Can I have surgery to close the fistula?
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