Bad Chin Lipo

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I had tumescent chin lipo because I hated my...

I had tumescent chin lipo because I hated my double chin. It showed up on every photo. I went in for consult and was told there would be two small incisions. I was given valuim 1/2 hour prior and was told to take dramamine. I was given an IV. The doctor injected numbing medicine and started to work. It was horrifically painful. I dont think they had my IV in right because I could feel them cutting. Of course, I couldnt move or talk. I was sent home and to much my suprise after removing bandage I had a two inch incision under my chin that can be seen and was cut jagged. Now I have a large scar and two painful knots under my chin.

I was not given any take home instructions. My husband was only told to bring me back if I ran a fever. He did give me a garment which I have worn like I was instructed. I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. I feel as if I was butchered by this doctor.

How long of an incision is usually made for tumescent lipo? What is the two hard sore knots under my chin? Will they go away? Do patients usually feel the procedure?

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Cut larger incision than discussed. Was able to feel him cutting, was not numbed properly or given good take home instructions. Results were a long scar that is easily seen. Poor results!

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