Chin Implant Pain 2 Years Later

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I was unhappy with my profile so I looked into a...

I was unhappy with my profile so I looked into a rhinoplasty. The doctor said that some rhinoplasty patients opt for a chin implant to balance the proportions so I decided to get the chin implant as well.

I thought my treatment experience was very good, but I still seem to be recovering from the chin implant.

I got an implant that sits at the front of my chin, but I still have that swollen golfball feeling on the sides of my chin. Everything feels normal and looks normal but if I touch the sides of my chin, there are these small equal bumps on both sides. They feel as though the initial swollen golfballs that went along my jaw are still there, two years after getting the implant. They don't hurt unless I end up sleeping with my chin on my shoulders. And sometimes the front of my chin hurts where the implant is.

Is this normal? The swollen feeling when I touch it is constant but none of the pain is constant. Since it has been two years, should I be concerned?
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