At-home TCA - I Peeled the Scabs off Too Soon!

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I found the results of a TCA peel to be effective...

I found the results of a TCA peel to be effective if done correctly. However, mistakes are very costly and cause more hassle than its worth.

I done some really stupid which is I picked the scabs of on day 3 and am now left with this light brown blotch on my face. Can someone offer some advice on how they got their skin back to normal? I understand that if it appears that skin has disappeared then this will be permanent scarring. However, if its hyperpigmentation (HP) then this will fade in time. Now, if it is the latter then will a further TCA peel resolve this? I appear to have HP rather than scarring. I intially done 3 layers of 15% for 15 minutes. If further TCA will help resolve this problem, then I will wait a month to do this. Will 4 layers at 15% for 20 minutes be suffice? But maybe this will just fade over time but I dont want to wait a year for my skin to get back to normal. Your advice is greatly appreciated
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I done a home TCA peel so I cannot recommend a doctor.

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