Non-surgical Cheeklift - Botox and Cheek Filler

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Yesterday i had botox around my eyes and filler to...

yesterday i had botox around my eyes and filler to my cheek and a little extra filler was put in on my right side beside the cheek filler due to a line running down my face near by eye. this morning i have sausage like swellings under both eyes but under the right eye there are hard lumps and more swelling due to extra filler which is very noticeably different on left side of face also bruising under eye. as i am going to a special occasion next. i am really worried.

i was happy to have botox round my eyes but was advised that the cheek lift would give definition to my face which has dropped with age, but i was not advised of the lumps or unevenness in fact i was advised would not bruise and would be normal by today.

will this go down? i called and was advised to massage the lumps but i am afraid as this will cause extra bruising and also frightened i move the lumps elsewhere. can you please advise
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i was told there wouldn't be bruising and no swelling today definitely no hard lumps and unevenness was mentioned

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