Cheek Implant Swelling and Numbness at Two Weeks

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I belive my doctor was very good and experienced...

I belive my doctor was very good and experienced so that is a pro to why I chose him.

The con was that I went out of the country because it was cheaper, but I believe I made the right choice. I choose to get cheek implants because I felt it would help my face.

I got cheek implants two weeks ago and these are my questions: 1. The right side of my face has all the nerves back and I can move it almost freely (though naturally there are some restrictions). However the left side still has some numbness and the movement is much more restricted than the right, causing my smiling and facial movements to be a little off. Is this normal at two weeks? 2. When will I really see the finished results? I cant really see any swelling (and nobody made comments about my face being swollen, only about the bruses), but I wonder if I cant see the swelling in the lower parts of my cheeks, because now my cheek bones are slightly larger on top and so it looks even. I am just curious if what i have now is about what it will look like, or if my cheeks will continue to become more prominent (I hope so) as the swelling goes down.
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I believe my doctor did a WONDERFUL job, depending on whether the questions I asked are normal or abnormal.

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