Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy for Stretchmarks on Breasts

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I just started a series of Carboxy (500 USD) +...

I just started a series of Carboxy (500 USD) + mesotherapy for treatment of the stretchmarks on my breasts, seven years old unfortunately, got them during pregnancy. Doing the carboxy twice a week and the meso once a week.

It is very painful, even with the emla cream in and I look absolutely terrible, especially after the combined c+m session. I do it on wednesday, then another carboxy session on friday, and it takes until next tuesday before my breasts look normal again.

This is the third week. Don't see any change yet. I have no idea if this is going to help. At the doctor's office they tell me they are going to look better, but won't disappear. I will start notice changes after the fifth week. Both carboxy and meso are supposed to stimulate collagen production.

So now it's been 2 months or so. The...

So now it's been 2 months or so. The stretchmarks are much less visible, although they're definitely still there. The doctor told me before the marks were to old to go away completely. And the breasts are actually firmer, so they both look and feel younger.

The pros are: younger looking breasts with a non-surgical procedure

Cons: I think it's painful and you'll never have a 100 or even a 90 or 80 % result with old stretchmarks. I'd say the result was 50%. But it still is so much better than 2months ago, and I will never do a breast lift, so this was the only option right now. In the future I'm going to try other things, maybe someday a doctor will tell me she's had good results with laser...who knows?

I'm satisfied because the doc and nurses are so nice and informed me of everuthing before. Satisfaction is also relative to the cost, so if money and time are not an issue, do try.

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The staff is very experienced and nice and explain everything in detail and always take their time. I also go to the dermatologist there who got rid of my acne, and did Juvederm form nasolabial folds, successful.

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