Pain with Ultrashape (Stubborn Fat on Outer Thighs, BMI is 24)

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I hope it works, very painful, I had a lot of zaps...

I hope it works, very painful, I had a lot of zaps (number of treatment spots),medium area treated; thighs. BMI is 24, but stubborn fat on my outer thighs, and was considering lipo. I have to eat a reduced fat diet and 1/2 calories for 10 days until it dissapates, to see results.

I had my first Ultrashape treatment and I had a lot of pain, is this normal? The technician said that it was. She did a good job on taping, as I had requested, but I was very uncomfortable, not with heat, but with nerve shocks going all the way down my leg. Hours later it still ached.
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The price doubled once I got to the office, it was supposed to be 1700 for three treatments with 25% off, but then she said Oh that's per area and your thighs are two areas. I still went ahead with it, but I later called another clinic and the usual price for one area is 3000 cdn(TCC in Toronto), so I feel I was scammed.

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