Burning After Abdominal Surgery / Tummy Tuck for Crohn's Disease

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I currently suffer from advanced crohns disease,...

I currently suffer from advanced crohns disease, and two years ago had 2 hemicolectomies and an ileostomy fitted. iv have now had the reversal a year ago, but 2 weeks ago had to undergo more surgery to separate adhesions which had formed causing an ischemic bowel and a small hernia. 2 years ago i was left with a large scar 2inches wide and 6inches long, vertically down my abdomen and in an attempt to reduce this the scar tissue, stomach muscles and overlying tissues have been cut away and stitched together tighter.

I am 18years old and at 5'9 weigh 109lbs and I have a burning sensation down one side of my abdomen to the left of my scar which is constant and a sharp piercing pain which occurs when clothes touch my skin, also a tightness which prevents me from breathing deeply. I wanted to know if the burning is normal, and how to reduce the pain. Also what i can do to reduce the tightness or if i should contact my surgeon.

Mr Robert J Andersen

my surgeon was amazing and has been completely supportive through the whole process of my illness

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