Britesmile Made a Big Difference for Me.

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A friend posted a picture of me on Facebook from...

a friend posted a picture of me on Facebook from last weekend and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I scheduled an appointment with my dentist that day and really didn't know what treatment I was getting. I figured anything is better then these yellow teeth. So it turns out it was Brite Smile.

WOW what a difference 1 hour and 10 minutes made. I have know idea how many shades I changed but its drastic. I did (3) 20 min. cycles and then another 10 minutes. my teeth are seriously white again...

Ok..but here's what I didn't expect. The procedure should be discussed as a possible torture device for terrorist. Forget water-boarding, lets start Brite-Smiling. We get highly sensitive information that will stop future attacks AND they get beautiful smiles. It's a win-win.

In all seriousness, my teeth look great and yes it's uncomfortable as hell but it's nothing you will feel after they finish. At least not for me.

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