Successful Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck and Lipo at the Same Time As Neccessary General Surgery - Turkey

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I had brest reduction and also abdominoplasty and...

I had brest reduction and also abdominoplasty and lipo. I had bad areas in my very large brests due to long term HRT use and they needed removal, so had two surgeons one the general and one the plastic surgeon.

My breasts are now a great shape and size and except for a little bulge part underneath i am very very pleased. My tummy tuck resulted again as I had a giant mesenteric cyst to be removed and both my surgeons were great. I had the whole thing in one op taking eight and a half hours... breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipo... cysts and pre cancer areas from both breasts removed and the giant mesenteric cyst removed. I have a new tummy button now. I like my shape.

I did feel pain on wakening initially till the pain releif was adjusted and was only 4 days in the hospital, and was on my feet the day after. I was bent over for a while till my midrif stretched. I had to wear a corset for quite a while which was great and my shape is great.. This was far more than just the plastic surgery so my recovery was a bit different I guess. Now I love to have my bikini on on the beach and I dont worry anymore about the possibility of cancer in my breasts. My midrif is now a little bit bulgy and soft which is strange after it was so tight in the beginning.

All the problems were discovered because I didnt feel well and went into the local private hospital for an all over medical which reveled the problems and as I had very large breasts with an ongoing back issue along with the cycsts and bad areas. I also had a lage abdomen as I had always been overweight but had lost a lot of weight leading up to this.

Is it normal for my midrif to become a little bit soft and bulgy after time, should I get some more lipo and should I get the little bulgy lumps under my breasts seen to or is it normal to just have them after this sort of surgery.

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My treatment was fantastic. My hospital was great, my two surgeons along with performing the neccessary medical operations combined and worked together to give me a new body at the same time. I love them both.

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