Was Breast Cancer Radiation the Cause of Massive Scar Tisssue After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction in 2007 which was done 4...

I had a breast reduction in 2007 which was done 4 weeks after breast cancer. On the left side where the cancer was my breast has slowly produced a large mass of scar tissue and has made this breast a great deal smaller than the other.

My doctor reformed surgery again (present) to remove the scar tissue and again reduce the size of the right. I now have scar tissue along the entire bottom of the left breast which continues all the way under my arm!!! The nipple on my left breast is also about 2 inches lower than the right? When I had the breast cancer I did not need any chemo nor were any lymph nodes invaded. I endured 1 week of rediation treatments twice a day.

There was massive scar tissue and was told it would subside. After 2 years it has gotten worse and the corrective surgery was even more worse.

I originally did it because I had pain in my shoulders (ddd cup size). I love the look of my right breast but can the left ever be made to look right?

My doctor is blaming the radiation for everything that has gone wrong. Tell me...is my doctor correct about this or should I see an new doctor?
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