Breast Reconstruction After Double Mastectomy

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After having a double mastectomy 5 years ago I...

After having a double mastectomy 5 years ago I decided to have reconstruction. I wore prosethesis for all that time, and have grown tired of not being able to wear all the clothes I would like they are hot and I live in the South!

Since I am just in the beginning stage of this process, I can't really comment on the pros or cons. I just have a question about the placement of my expanders. They seem really high and I am hoping that someone that has been through this can share their experience.

I am in the process of breast reconstruction after double mastectomy (5 years). The tissue expanders were implanted about 3 weeks ago and I have been expanded 3 times (once in the hospital and twice in the office). I am concerned that the expanders are very high on my chest. I will probably have 2-3 more expansions to get me to a full b cup. I do not want my final breasts to be positioned this high.

Joseph Mota

I didn't feel he explained the extent of the process and what I would look like during the expansion procedure.

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