BL/BA 2.5 Months Ago (30 Years Old) - One Implant Not Dropping

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I'm 30y.o. I had BL/BA 2mo,2wk ago. Before I had...

I'm 30y.o. I had BL/BA 2mo,2wk ago. Before I had long flat brest with little breast tissue d/t weight loss. I had 450cc mentor cohesive gel smooth round moderate submuscular placement.

The right one fell by week 2, the left one was bruised day post op and more swollen than the other. It also got a couple Mondor's cords underneath that have since resolved. The Right one has dropped, feels natural,looks good. The left is firm, high, still a little swelling underneath. I saw my PS last week, he's not sure if Left brest will drop to equal right but he said it's still too early. He likes to wait 6mo. He doesn't suggest straps to his patients but he said it won't hurt. He just doesn't think it makes a difference.

I am still very glad I had this. I lost over 130lbs & had long pancakes. Even with my one high one, I still have a MAJOR improvement.


Updated October 25, 2009

My Left breast is still high, firm,square shaped with some swelling at the bottom. Rt. dropped @ 2weeks and is soft. Is swelling what's stopping my implant from dropping? A Doc on here told me to wear strap only over high breast and to keep stretching breast pocket myself, how do I do this. Any other advice on getting implant to drop or is it too late and I'll be needing revision?

I lost >100lbs and breast were long&deflated.I have no regrets at all about having the surgery. Even if I need a revision, I am still happy I did this. I want to have a tummy tuck in a couple years.

Is it too late to get a band/strap and start wearing it at night? And will the strap negatively affect the right breast that has already dropped? Someone also suggested sleeping on my belly to help push the left one down. Any suggestions or is it too late and plan for a revision in 3months? Sometimes I fell certain pushing on the left makes the muscle tighter. Can a strap be of any benefit this far out? How tough is a pocket revision recovery, I hear it is much easier than the BL/BA & how long would one have to be off from work?
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