Will my Breasts "Fall" After a Lift?

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I am overall pretty happy with my surgery. The...

I am overall pretty happy with my surgery. The cost was manageable and the procedure itself was over quickly. I will say that I was unprepared for the nausea that accompanied the anestetic, as I'd never had it before. I am 27 and not ever planning to have kids. Before the lift, I had enough breast volume to fill out a D cup, but not enough structure. I'm usure so far, but I think my new breasts are a full C.I had a breast lift (no implant) twelve days ago to correct tuberous breasts that had lost almost all shape due to a 70-pound weight loss. They sagged to my elbows and lay almost flat against my chest. My new breasts are a vast improvement, but they look like Barbie's-- they defy gravity by sticking straight out and are quite far apart. Will they eventually "settle", with a "fold" under them like natural breasts? Or should I start shopping for a coconut bra?
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