Still Sagging After Lift

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Months ago I had a breast lift with implant...

months ago I had a breast lift with implant exchange. I had 600cc implants before and was a DD. I went to 3 different doctors and told them I wanted to reduce the size to be between a B and C cup. One doctor suggested I have a lift using a circumaereolar incision. The other surgeons said I would need to have the traditional vertical incision since I would be going to such a smaller size.

I ended up using the surgeon who suggested the circumaereolar incision. He used 400cc implants in the exchange after I insisted to both him and his nurse I DID NOT want to use this size.

Now my breasts are still sagging, they are too large, and I have had problems with the healing at the incision site. I developed a hole where a stich was being "spitted" so the doctor tell me. I feel that my surgeon did not listen to me and decided to use the larger implants.

I am very disappointed with my results. I talked to my doctor about redoing the surgery and taking out the 400cc implants and exchanging for 275cc. He insists that I need to wait 6 months and he will not agree at this point to redo even if I am still unhappy after 6 months. I feel that I was not listened to. Even when I expressed concerns prior to the surgery about his choice of incision site, because 2 other doctors said they would not do it this way, he is adament about not redoing the surgery. I feel this is unethical and don't know what to do at this point. I spent $12,000 for my surgery and my breasts are still sagging and I am still a large D cup (36D). What advice would you give me?

Do you feel that a surgeon should redo a surgery if they did not do what the patient requested in the beginning and the patient end up not happy?

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Make sure your surgeon does what "you" want, not what "he" wants.

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