Saline Implants and Redo - About to Have 3rd Surgery Due to Rupture

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I had breast implants done about 4 yrs. ago I told...

I had breast implants done about 4 yrs. ago I told the doctor that i wanted to be atleast a size c at the time i was a size 32AA. He did the procedure with only 230cc i was very unhappy my breasts looked like little balls they didnt even look like real breasts, so i had him redo the implants a year later this time he did 330cc implants i was much happier but still wished they were alittle bigger. I wish i knew how much money this was going to cost me i thought i would pay for one procedure and it would be done for atleast 8-10 years. Now it has only been 4 years and i am about to have my THIRD procedure do to rupture. If i knew all of this i might have not done it.

I had saline breast implants about 3 yrs. ago and a baby about 7 months ago and am nursing. I noticed about 2 wks. ago that my left implant has gone almost completely flat! What could have caused this and how long will i have to wait to get it replaced? would gel implants be better?
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