Slight Pain in Right Breast

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I've got breast implants because my breast were...

I've got breast implants because my breast were affected by my weight I had during puberty. At 14 years of age I underwent a long diet and lost about 40 pounds. This made my breast look saggy, pointy and also small. The surgery went well and had no complications. I had breast augmentation two months ago. Since then I had 2 post operative checks and was assured that everything is fine.

Dear doctors, My concern is that I still have pain in my right breast, near to the breast bone area. At night if I sleep on the right side, or if I sleep on my back for long time, the pain will appear. Mornings I have this complain for few hours and then it's fading until gone. When I press the painfull area, it hurts more but I dont feel any difference in touch from the other breast. I'm a flight attendant. I am afraid that the pressure will damage my silicone implants.

I. Tahir

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