Pain and Lumps After Breast Aug (330cc, Under the Muscle)

I had a lot of pain post surgery. Even on day 10...

I had a lot of pain post surgery. Even on day 10 I'm still in pain but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I cant wait until the pain is gone and the imlants drop into place.

im on day 10 of saline implants 330ccs under the muscle. I notice that the more still I am the more pain Im in, when I wake up in the morning it feels just like day 1. Also throughout the day my bra gets super tight and painful then after a 10 min no-bra break It feels better. I also notice hard lumps under my nipples that cant be massaged out. Is this normal??
Salisbury Plastic Surgeon

After months of research I found the best surgeon in the area with all of the major credentials, also his pre & post op picture were great.

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