Breast Implants Huge Success (32AA to B)

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I had size 32AA breasts and after breastfeeding...

I had size 32AA breasts and after breastfeeding they were totally flat and empty. Eight years ago I decided to go ahead and have size B implants. The procedure was great, the very small scars disappeared 99.9% and i looked great. Now, 8 years later, the breasts looked slightly smaller, less firm and i started getting pain in one of my breasts and after checking it out found out that one of the implants had gone bad and leaked.

I have recently had an operation to remove and replace the implants and went for a slightly fuller size B, just slightly bigger than the first ones. This op also was fine and the wounds have healed but the scars are still new, so i exect it to take another 6 months before they start to fade off like before.... Extremely happy both times... Except for the leak, which was really bad as the implant had dried up and changed color co i had started having an infection, so i was lucky to have it removed in the early stage!!

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very informative and reassuring, with realistic results.

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