Got Saline Implants 10 Years Ago, Considering Exchanging Them

Breast aug 10 years ago.saline .no problems except...

breast aug 10 years ago.saline .no problems except till recently had some trauma to the lft breast.been a week and i still have pain.the implant is intact but the muscle feels bruised.otherwise no complaints.looking to exchange them down the road.

am i in a rush to have them replaced?slight rippling and one is slightly higher than other.they are too far apart.the teardrop was good for me back then when i was a rail but now i am heavier and beleive i should be a bit fullerand higher.also i had some trauma to the lt breast last week.the implant doesnt seem to be ruptured but i am very sore do you think i need to see a dr?

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he is deceased

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